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Willing to test OpenPSA

Author tressens
Full name Lionel Tressens
Date 2006-01-12 00:32:07 PST
Message Hi all,

We are a small IT company (in France) and are planning to use a web based
time tracking and project management software for our consultants.
I had a look at OpenPSA, but guessed in all pages that it cannot be
installed on a windows platform... For testing purpose, I would like not
to have to set a LAMP environment but use EasyPHP on my laptop.
The problem seems to be related to Midgard CMS that is only designed to be
installed on a un*x platform... Am I right ?
What a pity for a cross-platform language such as PHP...

And what about taking the installed tree structure from a un*x platform,
make a tar and dearchive it on a windows platform... possible or not ?
Any clues ?

Awaiting your response,


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Willing to test OpenPSA tressens Lionel Tressens 2006-01-12 00:32:07 PST
     Re: [openpsa-users] Willing to test OpenPSA Eero af Heurlin <eero dot afheurlin at nemein dot com> Eero af Heurlin <eero dot afheurlin at nemein dot com> 2006-01-12 05:50:04 PST
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